What is Virgin TV 360?

what is virgin 360

So what is Virgin TV 360? If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a streaming television service offered by Virgin. It allows up to two users to stream content to their other rooms in 4K. Each box syncs watch lists and home profiles, and you can view content in each room simultaneously. In order to use this feature, you need a coaxial cable or an engineer to hardwire your system. However, the Virgin TV 360 website can be hard to navigate.

Multiroom functionality

The Multiroom functionality of the Virgin 360 allows you to enjoy the Virgin TV experience in more than one room of your house. The multiroom feature requires an additional coaxial cable to connect to a second television. For this feature, you must have an active subscription to Virgin Media. This guide will explain how to set up and use the multiroom functionality. For more information, check out our tech news section. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to watch the Virgin 360 on multiple TVs in your home!

Whether you’re looking to watch the same show in multiple rooms of your house, you can benefit from multiroom functionality on the Virgin 360. It will enable you to watch different shows on different TVs without missing a single episode. The multiroom functionality will also enable you to access your favorite shows from any TV. Those who want to view Virgin TV in more than one room can simply download the Virgin TV Go app to watch them anywhere.

Creating profiles

If you haven’t yet, there are many advantages to setting up profiles for your Virgin TV service. Creating profiles allows you to customize your viewing experience and see recommended content based on your preferences. With a Virgin TV 360 box, you can record six channels at once. Besides that, you can access your Virgin TV on-demand content and watch catch-up television. Moreover, you can easily switch between the different profiles by using the remote control.

Virgin Media has recently announced the launch of Virgin TV 360, a new entertainment platform that is a complete reboot of the previous Virgin TV experience. It features an upgraded interface with voice search functionality, TV Anywhere apps, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more. The Virgin TV 360 set-top box also includes voice search functionality for genre and programme searches. The platform is also equipped with pause and playback functions. Virgin TV 360 has the potential to become the most popular entertainment service in the UK, so be sure to take a look at it if you haven’t already.

Streaming to multiple rooms

Virgin Multiroom is a useful feature that lets you watch your favorite TV shows on multiple rooms. It allows you to watch the same show or TV show in different rooms by simply switching to another TV. You can also enjoy the service from any other Virgin box. Virgin Media Multiroom service is recommended over DIY cabling as it ensures the quality of the picture and sound. Here are some simple steps to set up Virgin Multiroom:

The main box of the Virgin TV 360 system streams 4K to multiple rooms. The mini box is 4K compatible as well. Virgin 360 main box records up to 275 hours of HD and 80 hours of 4K Ultra HD. Disney+ is set to launch in 2019. However, the company hasn’t yet announced plans to bundle Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. However, the service does have an app, which lets users control their subscriptions from any room in the house.

Smart remote

The new Virgin 360 TV box is a step up from the TiVo box and V6 box. The interface is slicker and more user-friendly, and the Smart remote offers voice search to help you find what you’re looking for. The 18-month plans, while cheaper than most rivals, aren’t very long, and you’ll be paying a higher price for more channels and Mini boxes. The Virgin 360 also lacks many features, including the popular Disney+ app.

Unlike the traditional analog remote, the Smart remote on the Virgin 360 features a built-in microphone to enable voice interaction with the device. It can be used to pause, skip forward and navigate the TV guide. The remote isn’t as stylish as the Sky Glass, but it’s easy to use, though you may experience a brief delay when using it. It’s also compatible with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, which means you can watch and record as many programmes as you want without having to switch between devices.

Ultrafast broadband

Virgin Media has recently launched their new high-speed broadband service, the Virgin 360 Ultrafast Broadband. With it, you can stream and watch 4K content on multiple devices simultaneously. This service is available across the UK and includes Virgin TV 360. It is also available to customers of their Ultimate Oomph bundle. Here are some things to know about this new service. The speed varies depending on where you live and the time of day. Therefore, if you plan to use the internet most frequently during peak hours, you may want to opt for a faster speed.

If you have an existing Virgin Media broadband service, you might want to take advantage of its deals. These deals can include 50% off the first year. However, you’ll need to stick to the contract for the full term to get the discount. Also, you can get a free smart gadget if you join at the beginning of the contract. Virgin Media is one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted brands for FTTH services, so you’re unlikely to run into any problems.


The Virgin Media 360 box is a Freeview recorder that lets you watch Freeview channels and enjoy a number of premium channels. This box comes with streaming apps, such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. You can also enjoy some Sky channels, such as Sky Sports, on it. It is a relatively new product, so it’s not known yet exactly how much it will cost. However, it will be released to the public sometime in early 2021.

The Virgin 360 will replace the V6 box, which first arrived on the market in 2016. The V6 box is still available, so if you already have it, you can upgrade to the new model. The new box features similar hardware, but comes from a different supplier. The price of the Virgin 360 depends on what features you’d like to include with your subscription. The new model will come with a voice-activated remote and a new Mini box that lets you open apps, skip forward and search for content with your voice.

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