What is Wuntu?

what is wuntu

If you are a customer of Three, you should know about Wuntu, the company’s new loyalty programme. It will start with seven offers a week but will gradually improve as it learns more about its users. As more people use Wuntu, the offers will be targeted and timely. Similarly, the freebies offered will be more relevant to the interests of those who use the service. This will also allow the company to improve the service.


If you’re a Three customer, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to your Wuntu rewards app. Three has not revealed any specifics on its closure, but has stated that it’s working on “better ways to reward our customers”. We’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, the following are some of the wuntu benefits you can continue to enjoy. – One-off experiences and exclusive offers – Save money and get great deals with your phone plan.

personalised offers

The personalised offers on Wuntu are designed to make it as simple and fun as possible for the customer. Customers can download the app for free on their iPhone or Android devices. During the first week, the offers will be fairly generic, but over time they’ll become more tailored to the individual. Three customers can sign up for the app in the Google Play or App Store. Here’s a look at how to take advantage of personalised offers and discounts.

The new rewards and discounts on Three’s app will be more limited than those on Wuntu. The app’s previous perks included discounts on cinema tickets and restaurants and free samples of brand-name products. However, the personalised offers aren’t the only thing customers can earn. Three also has no plans to replace Wuntu, but it’s working on finding fresh ways to reward customers.


If you’ve been looking for freebies on the internet, Wuntu is the app for you. You can get discounts, freebies, competitions and much more. New deals are added to the app on Wednesdays and usually sell out quickly. Some of the regular brands that offer deals on Wuntu include Domino’s, Bella Pasta, Costa coffee, Hotel Chocolat, and Rakuten. You can even win free tickets to Cineworld with wuntu.

Using the Wuntu app is free, and the app can be downloaded for both iPhones and Android phones. If you’re a customer of Three, you’ll get exclusive offers every week. Depending on which offer you use, you can receive free food and drinks, cinema tickets, coffee, makeup, and sweets. There’s also a Wuntu app to download so you can claim your freebies later.

machine learning technology

The concept of machine learning, based on the processing of data, has been around since the 1980s. Inspired by the brain and the way we think, it creates models that produce a single number output. However, the initial versions of neural networks had only one or two layers of neurons, due to the computational complexity of training. Today, deep neural networks are widely used in various applications, from pre-screening job applications to revolutionizing the way we approach health care.

This type of learning is more complex and requires human validation. While supervised learning requires humans to validate the results, machine learning allows algorithms to improve without human input. This technique can be used to predict outcomes or sort things into categories. Machine learning has many uses, but is especially useful in the healthcare industry. For example, it can be used to develop a loyalty program that will reward customers based on their purchases in the future.

closing down

After several years of free rewards schemes, Three is scrapping Wuntu. The scheme, which offered discounts at cinemas and restaurants, is also ending. The closure of the scheme leaves Three with no clear replacement for its users. However, the company does plan to look for new ways to reward its customers, such as creating an alternative loyalty scheme. We take a look at what we can expect from its successor. Here are a few things to expect in the coming months.

Wuntu is no longer available on the Google Play Store or App Store. The company plans to merge with several tech companies, as well as the animation, music and film industries. This move is a blow to customers who have been disappointed by the service. Users have also expressed disappointment that the company has chosen to close it. However, the company has defended its decision to shut down the app and is planning to invest in other projects.

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